Topical Heating Pain Gel 250mg


CBD: 4oz

  • Cruelty Free
  • Avoid Light and Heat
  • External Use Only
  • Vegan

Detailed Information

Joint pain ? Muscle Pain after a hard workout ? This heating pain gel can help you!

The full spectrum CBD inside the gel provides all of the necessary cannabinoids that your body needs for a quick recovery!

You will feel relief within 5 minutes for instant local relief. It continues to provide an awesome heating sensation for up to 24 hours after application! It penetrates deep thanks to ALL ORGANIC ingredients and delivers the CBD that your body needs to battle through aches and pains!

We also have this pain gel in a Cooling Relief !

Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 4oz

2 reviews for Topical Heating Pain Gel 250mg

  1. chris

    “After my hip replacement I couldn’t sleep at night but after trying this out I got enough relief to fall asleep.”

  2. chris

    “My Arthiritis flares up in the winter and this is a life saver!”

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